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Welcome to the Anderson Art

Welcome to the Anderson Art Collective! This is a grass roots collaborative effort between a family of three artists: Ron Anderson, Benjamin Anderson and Sean Anderson. Family ties, common goals and a direction for contemporary art were the force behind creating the Collective. In a move to interact more closely together and realize a long overdue goal, they’ve decided to create a unique exhibition space focusing on forward thinking art practices.

Bringing a fresh contemporary vibe to the Santa Barbara community, the Andersons are excited to be back in their hometown!

The Anderson Art Collective ultimately is a platform to promote the arts, to support the environment and to recognize human rights so that we may always have the arts as an integral and necessary part of our culture. This is a long term goal and vision for not just our generation but for the generations to follow. Having said that, each of our exhibitions will support a non profit organization from around the world.For more information please visit GLOBAL SUPPORT above.


For more information on the Andersons: